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How we work

We partner with the idea people – the entrepreneurs, the founders, the startup leaders, and the corporate strategy & innovation teams – to infuse momentum into their companies.

How do we do this?

First, we develop the growth strategy. Through research and analysis, we uncover the best way that your product or service idea can play in its respective market.

Second, we collaborate with you to implement this strategy. We optimize your products, processes, and marketing to scale your business to new proportions.

The results?

You build a business that is profitable and scaleable.


Meet the foundeR

Leeza McKeown is a business strategist with a passion for analyzing and launching new ventures.

She led management consulting teams with L.E.K. Consulting and independently all over the world; co-founded two NYC-based tech startups; and completed over fifty strategy assessments, seeing significant improvement in sales, pipeline, and operational efficiency for her clients. She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Leeza is a nature-lover and avid traveler. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband and their loving rescue pup.

Her mission is to see those of us in the working world lead happier, healthier, and more balanced lives. Despite being a rigorous strategist, she tends to lean into lightness, infusing a bit of humor and liveliness to each engagement.

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Let’s start a conversation.

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Growth strategy & PLANNING

We unlock the most robust way to scale your venture.

Growth Opportunities Prioritization: We research and outline growth scenarios for your venture and assess their attractiveness in terms of profit potential, market conditions, and synergies with your current business. Afterwards, we prioritize scenarios to focus on those that scale your business most effectively.

Financial Forecasting: We quantify the financials of your business. We assess your revenue sources and costs to build a model of your forecasted profit for the coming months and years.

Marketing Optimization Strategy: Utilizing a toolkit of surveys, analysis, and research, we help identify your ideal clients, the message that best resonates with them, and the channels where they can be reached. We then identify how you can adjust marketing practices to best reach them.

Product Optimization Strategy: We assess how well your product meets your customers’ needs and perform user experience tests to identify the exact way to optimize your product to be irresistible to your ideal client.

Strategy Unification: We compile the output of our research and analysis into a unified strategy for your whole team to aim toward.

Step-by-Step Implementation Planning: In order to transform the strategy into reality, we create a step-by- step plan – organized by initiatives that lead to each key milestone – to achieve your strategy goals.



We implement the strategy to dramatically scale your venture.

Branding and Marketing: We help you develop a clear branding message and make a plan for how to optimize your marketing practices to increase your reach and maximize ROI for each campaign.

Fundraising Support: We support you in raising the capital necessary to scale your venture. We model your investment need, develop robust pitch materials (presentation-ready deck and valuation model), help develop relationships with targeted investors, and support your fundraising process through fruition.

Product Development: Deploying our network of product, technology, and user experience experts, we improve your product to make it irresistible to your ideal client.

Operations Optimization: By prioritizing activities and infusing best-in-class team management techniques and technology-enabled support, we will help set your business up for efficient growth.

Business Planning Support: Throughout our engagement, are a strategy soundboard to support you and your executive team in logic-driven decision-making and planning


What you can expect from working with us:

  • Scale your venture. Get on track towards up tremendous revenue, profit, and valuation growth

  • Invest your limited time and resources in that which yields the highest return

  • Ensure that your business growth is backed by logic-based strategy, research, and data-driven optimization. No more doubt on whether you’d doing the “right” thing

  • Eliminate ambiguity through strategic guidance and support



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Who we work with

We work with entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate new venture and innovation teams.

We work with the idea people. The innovators.

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“I knew I was sitting on the elements of a great business idea, but I was struggling to build momentum.

In a short period of time, Launch Levity assessed our industry, competitors, clients, and service offerings, and then reorganized just about every facet of our company to be laser focused towards growth. She improved our go-to-market strategy, revamped our sales process and collateral, and implemented new marketing techniques that brought Urbanstrong to the forefront of our ideal customers.

As a result of our engagement with Launch Levity, our sales pipeline exploded, our revenues grew by multiples, and we are now on track to grow our profits exponentially in the coming years.

I would recommend Launch Levity to any business leader looking to streamline their operations and grow their business to its full potential."

Alan Burchell, Founder and President, Urbanstrong


“Leeza of Launch Levity is one of the best consultants I have ever met. She was an integral part of starting our venture BestMe, a holistic self improvement platform.

Our work with Launch Levity led BestMe to grow from an idea to a bustling platform with a growing audience.

With a pedigree working with Fortune 100 companies and the hard nosed experience working with purpose driven startups and empowering them to commercial success, I know few better people on Earth to get your business to the next level.”

Chris Bradicich, Founder and CEO, BestMe


“Launch Levity has been an integral part of our startup from the very beginning.

Launch Levity transformed our vision into real company, backed up with a logic-driven growth and marketing strategy. Their work, which ranged from product development to growing our audience base, kept the big picture in mind while constantly propelling our company forward.

I can't imagine making the same progress without Launch Levity. I would recommend them to any entrepreneur that wants to see their business develop.”

Michael Schneider, CEO, Pilots to the Rescue | CEO, Fabrics and Furnishings


"While working as the CEO of Claritas MindSciences, a company that builds digital therapies that help people manage their addictions, we hired Leeza of Launch Levity to assist our team with developing and implementing a go-to-market strategy.

Launch Levity’s work was pivotal in refreshing our branding and improving the user experience. Leeza, the founder of the firm, is a pleasure to work with and anyone would be fortunate to have her as part of their team.

I would recommend you engage with Launch Levity if you are looking to jumpstart your business."

Paulo Machado, CEO, Health Innovation Partners | Management Adviser,  Claritas Mindsciences


I highly recommend Leeza McKeown of Launch Levity.  I consulted with Leeza to improve my design business and steer me in the right direction from being a freelance designer to design business owner.  Her consulting work is insightful, productive and extremely helpful.  She gets right to the point and to the heart of the matter in finding solutions for your business quickly after understanding your goals.  

I obtained much clarity, insight and motivation for improving my business.  I was able to implement the fundamental concepts and goals we strategized together pretty quickly after meeting with her.

In addition to Leeza’s expertise and insightfulness, she is a compassionate, fun, energizing and a down-to-earth person who really cares about her clients and will inspire anyone!

Chi Yun, Founder, Chi Yun Design



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Launch Levity HQ is in Brooklyn, New York. We are excited to hear from you, so please reach out to explore how we can collaborate.


TEL: +1.347.380.5898

EMAIL: info@launchlevity.com


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